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Anatoly Dobrynin, 1977

Dobrynin, Anatoly Fedorovich 1919- 2010

Anatoly Dobrynin served as the Soviet ambassador to the United States during six presidential administrations from Kennedy to Reagan.


Anatoly Dobrynin, 1977

Dobrynin's work as a diplomat spanned a unique period of history from the middle to the end of the Cold War. He began his career as a diplomat at the conclusion of World War II when he graduated from the Diplomatic School in Moscow.

Dobrynin was in the diplomatic service for over 50 years, and participated in almost every landmark meeting between the American and Soviet heads of state. He began his term as ambassador in the United states in 1962, and it lasted until 1986.

As Soviet ambassador in the United States, Dobrynin had the responsibility of maintaining confidential contacts high within the U.S. government during times of both relative calm, and for during times of crisis.

Dobrynin's viewed his own fundamental task as ensuring the development of a correct and constructive dialogue between leaders of both countries, and maintaining the positive aspects of the relationship whenever possible.

Dobrynin returned to the USSR in 1986, and eventually retired in 1988.