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Dong, Biwu 1886- 1975

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Popular Documents

April 11, 1967

Discussion between Chinese and Vietnamese delegations

Zhou Enlai recounts previous relations concerning Taiwan and the GMD, America and the Soviet Union within the context of China’s recent history. He also emphasizes the need for Cambodian support.

July 6, 1976

Current Situation of Chinese Party Leadership

Discusses at length the issues and struggles in China resulting after the death of several leaders such as Zhou Enlai, and now with Mao Zedong in power.

January 2, 1950

Cable, Mao Zedong to the Central Committee of the CCP

Mao Zedong informs the Central Committee of "an important breakthrough" in his talks with Stalin, and asks that Zhou Enlai immediately come to Moscow to conclude a new Sino-Soviet treaty.

April 8, 1960

Excerpt from the Political Report of the Soviet Embassy in China for 1959

This excerpt from the USSR embassy in the PRC highlights the development and strengthening of the Chinese-Soviet friendship, cultural exchange, and exchange of knowledge and expertise in the year 1959. This was achieved with the help of the Society of Chinese Soviet Friendship and other active social organizations. The report concludes with goals for the upcoming year.

October 6, 1969

Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Note of Asia-Oceania Department, 'Sino-French Relations'

Following the peak of the Cultural Revolution, the French Foreign Ministry concludes that Sino-French relations "have shown signs of détente, which, in the current context, represents important progress."