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Great Britain. Embassy (Korea : South)

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Popular Documents

December 10, 1992

Michael Reilly (First Political Secretary, UK Embassy in Seoul) to Ian Bond (FCO Security Policy Department), '1992 US Burden Sharing Report'

This document dates from the “lame duck” period of the George H.W. Bush administration, and centers on the renegotiating of the US defense position in on the peninsula. Amid pending changes in the early Clinton administration to burden sharing, the British were trying to pin down on what basis estimates of cost were being made on US Forces in Korea.

May 6, 1992

David Wright (UK Ambassador in Seoul) to FCO, 'Los Angeles Riots: Korean Reaction'

While geopolitical reconfigurations in the region and issues like arms control and defense posture were of key concern to British observers, American domestic events also fed into British analysis. This report describes South Korean responses to the attacks on Korean-Americans during the riots in Los Angeles in the summer of 1992

October 9, 1992

Ewan Buchanan to Warwick Morris (UK Embassy Seoul), 'U.S.-ROK Security Consultative Meeting'

A telegram from Ewen Buchanan, an arms control specialist with the FCO, to Warrick Morris, the UK Ambassador to Seoul.

February 8, 1979

Cable from the British Embassy in Tokyo to the British Embassy in Seoul, 'Visit of Deng Xiaoping'

A summary of remarks made by Deng Xiaoping to Japanese officials regarding developments on the Korean Peninsula.

October 12, 1979

Cable the British Defense Attache in Seoul, 'Suspected North Korean Tunnel'

A British defense attache report on the discovery of North Korean tunnels in South Korea.