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Grechko, Andrei Antonovich

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Popular Documents

June 17, 1953

Report from A. Grechko and Tarasov in Berlin to N.A. Bulganin, 11:00 p.m.

The demonstrations in Berlin and several other cities had been stopped. Grechko and Tarasow came to the conclusion that "the provocation was prepared in advance, organized, and directed from Western sectors of Berlin." The losses of the strikers in the whole territory of the GDR had been: 84 people killed and wounded, 700 men arrested.

August 1962

Instructions from Marshal of the Soviet Union A. Grechko to the Commanding General of the Soviet Troops on the Island of Cuba

Marshal of the Soviet Union A. Grechko provides strict guidance on the personal and professional conduct of Soviet troops stationed in Cuba.

April 1, 1969

Record of Conversation, Czechoslovak Defense Minister Martin Dzúr and Soviet Defense Minister Andrei Grechko, Prague

Top Czechoslovak and Soviet military officials discuss the recent anti-Soviet protests in Czechoslovakia following the following the defeat of the Soviets by the Czechoslovak national team at the hockey world championships in Stockholm. Defense Minister and Marshal of the Soviet Union andrei Grechko warned that Warsaw Pact troops would invade again if the Czechoslovak leadership could not contain the anti-Soviet protests.

December 31, 1969

Letter, A. Grechko to the CPSU CC

A. Grechko conveys the Ministry of Defense's views on negotiations between the Soviet Union and China.

March 14, 1966

Letter on a Request from Jaruzelski for a Bilateral Meeting about the Status of the Warsaw Pact

A letter from R. Malinkovskii and A. Grechko requesting permission to deny Jaruzelski's request from a previous letter for a bilateral meeting to discuss the status of the Warsaw Pact.