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Italy. Ministry of Defense

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Popular Documents

September 28, 1979

High-Level Group Report on Modernization of NATO Nuclear Forces

Report by High-Level Group (HLG) to NATO secretary general outlining recommendations for the modernization and deployment of NATO theater nuclear forces. 3 Appendices. A: Deployment and Personnel; B: Military Effects militari; C: Selected Long-Range Systems balance - Ground-based systems.

May 24, 1972

[Report on Warsaw Pact] Presentation about the information (intelligence) concerning Warsaw Pact's military potential, explained at the meeting of NATO Defence Planning Committee
(Bruxelles, 24th May 1972)

This rather technical document compares the strategic capabilities (conventional and nuclear) of Warsaw Pact and NATO. The document notes that Warsaw Pact has considerably increased its capabilities catching up with the West, and raises the question about Soviet intentions, and whether continuing armament is in line with peaceful coexistence.

October 29, 1960

General Staff of Defense (SMD) Report, 'NATO military problems. Ten-year plan'

Report on France’s plan to establish a policy of autonomic thermonuclear dissuasion and an analysis of the negative effects such a plan would have, including weakening of the NATO shield and increased risk of nuclear attack on Western Europe.

December 29, 1965

Memorandum by General Staff of Defense (SMD) to the Minister, 'NATO's reorganization'

The document outlines Italy's possible position - from the military point of view - for the probable forthcoming discussions related to NATO's reorganization, in the light of a likely French exit. Discusses the possible transfer of NATO headquarters, US military bases and facilities now deployed in France toward other NATO countries.


Report, 'Legitimacy, situation and prospects of the Atlantic Alliance'

Describes the current state of the Atlantic Alliance and the most critical points of debate. The report ends maintaining that NATO has now overcome the most difficult crisis of its existence.