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Ivanov, Vasily Ivanovich

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Popular Documents

June 8, 1956

Memorandum of Conversation with Choe Chang-ik

Deputy Prime Minister of DPRK, Choe Chang-ik, discuss the unhealthy situation in the Korean Worker's Party and the North Korean government. Choe argues that there is nepotism within the personnel selection process and that a cult of personality exists within the KWP. Choe also expresses concern regarding the difficult economic situation in the DPRK.

April 19, 1956

Memorandum of Conversation with Kim Il Sung

Diary entry of a conversation between V.I. Ivanov and Kim Il Sung about whether Pak Heon-yeong should be put to death or not.

August 29, 1956

Memorandum of Conversation with Pak Ui-wan

Pak Ui-wan discusses Kim Il Sung's draft report on his visit to the Soviet Union, the economic situation of the DPRK, party and government measures for the Five-Year Plan, the intra-party situation and the tasks of the Korean Worker's Party. During the conversation, Kim Du-bong notes his concerns over the personality cult, the shortcomings in the work of the Central Committee, and the serious economic situation in DPRK.

September 1, 1956

Memorandum of Conversation with Premier Kim Il Sung

Yoon Gong-heum and others at the August Plenum speak out against the cult of personality in the KWP and reject the party line. They are expelled from the party, and those who fled are held at the Chinese border.

December 7, 1955

Journal of Soviet Ambassador to the DPRK V. I. Ivanov for 7 December 1955

Ivanov speaks with Kim Il Sung about the proceedings of the most recent KWP CC plenum. The plenum touched upon plans to improve North Korea’s agriculture sector. Ivanov describes in length Kim’s accusation of Chinese and Soviet Korean party members of undermining the party leadership. Ivanov advises against categorizing party members as Soviet, Chinese, or local.