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Kim, Dong-gyu

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Popular Documents

September 27, 1973

Hungarian Embassy in the DPRK, Report, 27 September 1973. Subject: The DPRK and the Non-Aligned Summit in Algiers

A Hungarian diplomat explains the DPRK’s objectives for the Non-Aligned Movement in 1973 and the passage of a resolution on the Korean Question at the Algiers Conference.

March 8, 1973

Minutes of Conversation Taken on the Occasion of the Audience Granted by Comrade Nicolae Ceausescu to the Delegation of the Central Committee of the Workers’ Party of Korea

In a conversation with Nicolae Ceausescu, Kim Dong-gyu discusses the achievements of the 6-Year Plan, progress in North Korea's ideological and cultural revolution, and challenges facing Pyongyang's peaceful approach to unification. The North Korean delegation seeks Romanian help in raising some of the issues on the Korean Peninsula at the UN. In particular, Kim mentions the dismantlement of UN Commission for the Unification and Rehabilitation of Korea as a key objective. Commenting on South Korea reaching out to socialist countries, Ceausescu suggests that communist countries should encourage this trend because it helps weaken the United States.

December 2, 1974

Minutes of Conversation between Comrade Nicolae Ceausescu and Kim Dong-gyu

Kim and Ceausescu discuss the international political atmosphere. Kim shows his concern for the intensification of dissident movements in South Korea. The conversation highlights the fragility of military dictatorships as evidenced by the cases of Portugal and Greece.

July 23, 1973

Note On a Conversation with the Acting Hungarian Ambassador to the DPRK, Comrade Dr. Taraba, on 19 July 1973 in the Hungarian Embassy.

Heo Dam briefs Dr. Taraba on South Korea's intention to apply for UN membership, North Korea's foreign relations with East and West Germany, and Kim Il Sung's new proposals on unification.

March 31, 1973

Telegram from Pyongyang, No.061.087, Urgent, SECRET

Popa discusses active North Korean attempts to eliminate military confrontation in the North-South Coordination Committee and points to South Korean engagement in duplicitous actions by both suing for peace and preparing for war.