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Koenig, Johannes

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Popular Documents

March 29, 1989

Letter, Koenig to Cdes. Dohlus, Sieber, and Rabenhorst

During a meeting with Ethiopian leader Mengistu Haile Mariam, Mikhail Gorbachev underlined the importance of a political solution to the conflict. After an immediate ceasefire, negotiations without preconditions should start, based on the territorial integrity of Ethiopia.

December 4, 1958

Comments on the Preparation of the Steps of the Soviet Government Concerning a Change in the Status of West Berlin

East German ambassador to Moscow, Johannes Koenig summarized information he gleaned from various Soviet Foreign Ministry officials about the process leading up to Soviet Premier Nikita S. Khrushchev’s speech of 10 November 1958 and notes of 27 November 1958, which launched the Berlin Crisis.

June 30, 1986

[GDR] Contacts with Israel

Attachment to a letter from Koenig to Sieber dated 10 July 1986. This report assesses the increase in contact between the GDR and Israel, especially in the field of culture and science. It identifies the advantages and disadvantages of this development, including the negative impression it might create in Arab countries. Greater contact with Israel may damage the GDR's relations with the Arab countries. A proposal is made on the basis of this analysis: all contact with Israel must be carefully coordinated with the GDR Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The report provides a general list of basic principles for relations with Israel. Attached is a note containing policy advice on Israeli compensation claims.