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Leont’ev, L. A.

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Popular Documents

May 30, 1950

Stalin’s Meeting about Political Economy textbook, 30 May 1950

Meeting about Political economy. Discussions on political economy and book pending publication.

January 29, 1941

Notes from the Meeting between Comrade Stalin and Economists Concerning Questions in Political Economy, 29 January 1941

Notes from L.A. Leont’ev's January 1941 meeting with Stalin, regarding drafts of two commissioned textbooks on political economy. Stalin gives his views on "planning", "wages", "fascism", and other issues.

April 24, 1950

Notes from L.A. Leont’ev's April 1950 Meeting with Stalin, Regarding Political Economy Textbook

Stalin voices his displeaure over the political economy textbook. He urges the authors to study Marx in greater depth, yet to also make the text simple. Stalin stresses the importance of the Soviet Union having a political economy textbook.

February 22, 1950

Notes from L.A. Leont’ev's February 1950 Meeting with Stalin

A second meeting with Stalin and the editors of the political economy textbooks, in which Stalin outlines the distinction between the people's democracies of Eastern Europe and China.

February 15, 1952

Notes from L.A. Leont’ev's February 1952 Meeting about Questions in Political Economy

Stalin discusses his "Remarks" on the finished political economy textbook, and fields questions regarding the "Remarks" and various terminologies in the book. Stalin emphasizes the importance of keeping the public knowledge of the extent of his involvement in the formation of the text to a minimum.