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Li, Yimang

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Popular Documents

April 1960

First Asia Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, 'Negotiations and Talks between the Chinese and Burmese Governments on the Issue of Dual Citizenship of Overseas Chinese over the Past Year'

The document covers series conversation transcripts between Chinese and Myanmar officials in the negotiation of the dual nationalities issues of Overseas Chinese, for example the transcript of conversation between Chairman Mao and Premier U Nu, the main points of first meeting between Premier Zhou and Premier U Nu, the transcript of conversation between Ambassador Li Yimang and Myanmar Foreign Minister.

August 5, 1979

Annex B/3: On Relations between the CCP and the PCI (Notes from Several Meetings with Feng Xuan, Ji Pengfei, and Li Yimang)

It contains the notes of the July 1979 meetings with Feng Xuan. Feng advocates for good relationship between the two sides based on mutual respect and equality and independence. He talks about the Soviet military threat on China. He stressed that the PCI position that advocates for criticism to other parties on 'important issues' is considered hostile to the CCP if that touches on Sino-Soviet relations. Feng expresses his wish to host in 1980 an official delegation of the CC of the PCI.

August 5, 1979

Annex A/4: Relations between the PCI and the CCP

An invite to the Chinese to continue the development of bilateral relations on the basis of a spirit of mutual respect but with a stronger frequency of meetings and exchanges. It also contains a note of July 30, 1979 and July 31, 1979, where the representatives of the Italian Communist Party respond to the speech given by Feng Xuan and Li Yimang.

December 29, 1964

Science and Technology Committee on the Request for Instructions on Handling the Technical Materials Mentioned by the North Korean Expert Group during their Visit to China

The Science and Technology Committee reports to the Foreign Office of the State Council on challenges regarding the transfer of scientific and technologic assistance to North Korea. It then provides suggestions for improved coordination, communication, and controls to facilitate the process.