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Matsumura, Kenzo 1883- 1971

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Popular Documents

April 18, 1964

Transcript of Conversation between Zhou Enlai and Kenzo Matsumura

Zhou Enlai speaks with the spokesman for Japan's conservative party, Kenzo Matsumura. The two sides reached an agreement on the mutual establishment of non-governmental resident offices and the exchange of resident journalists. Zhou also discusses China's stance on the Taiwan issue. Both sides agree to work together toward normalization of Sino-Japanese relations.

November 11, 1965

Record of the Third Conversation between Zhou Enlai and North Korean Vice Prime Minister Ri Ju-yeon

Zhou Enlai, Ri Ju-yeon, and Pak Seong-cheol discuss Japanese militarism, U.S. imperialism, the issue of Korean citizenship for Koreans in Japan, the Chinese 5-year plan, and military preparations.

October 1959

Matsumura Kenzo’s Remarks on his Visit to China and the Peoples’ Responses

Ishibashi Tanzan, the former Japanese Prime Minister, made a comment on his visit to China, saying "I believe that we need not rush Sino-Japanese relations."

October 23, 1959

Record of Conversation between Vice Premier Chen Yi and Matsumura Kenzo

Matsumura Kenzo met with Chen Yi, the Vice Premier, and talked about the upcoming United Nations General Assembly and Sino-Japanese trade.

September 1959

The Japanese Side’s Response following the Publication of the Communique of the Talks between Premier Zhou Enlai and Ishibashi Tanzan

While the Social Democratic Party of Japan supported the Communique of the Talks between Ishibashi Tanzan and Zhou Enlai, the Liberal Democratic Party criticized it by saying "it provides no solution for current Sino-Japanese relations."