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Mubarak, Muhammad Hosni El Sayed 1928- 2020

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Popular Documents

September 14, 1992

The Chancellor's [Helmut Kohl's] Meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Rabin on Monday, 14 September 1992

Kohl and Rabin discuss the situation in the Near and Middle East and the changed in Syria's position toward Israel after the demise of the Soviet Union. Rabin expresses concern about the continued arms race in the region and Syria's purchases of Scud missiles from Russia and Slovakia. He also reiterates Iraq's continued capability to go nuclear within 5 to 6 years despite international arms control inspections. Last but not least, Kohl and Rabin discuss the situation in Iran and Kohl's contacts with President Rafsandjani.

March 9, 1982

Stenographic Transcript of the Official Talks between Erich Honecker and Yasser Arafat in the House of the Central Committee of the SED in Berlin

The conversation is mainly concerned with the situation in the Middle East, but there are also some remarks about Poland, Afghanistan, and French-Israeli relations. Honecker emphasizes that only the creation of a sovereign Palestinian state can solve the Middle East conflict. He underlines the continuing support of the GDR for the PLO, for example, through military aid and the opening of an official PLO embassy in Berlin. Arafat points to the West German support for Israel and asks for further military aid.

September 16, 1991

Memorandum of Conversation: Meeting with Helmut Kohl, Chancellor of Germany, September 16, 1991, 12:00-1:30pm

October 18, 1991

The Chancellor's [Helmut Kohl's] Meeting with Egypt’s President Mubarak on Thursday, 17 October 1991, 11:00 – 14:00 hours

Kohl and Mubarak discuss the overall situation in the Midle East after the Gulf War. Mubarak shares his insights examining the positions and competing interests of Israel, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Syria and Saudi Arabia.

March 5, 1993

The Chancellor's [Helmut Kohl's] Meeting with Japanese Prime Minister Miyazawa on Saturday, 27 February 1993, in Tokyo

Kohl reitertates the willingess to increase Germany's global presence despite domestic issues and continuing European challenges. Kohl and Miyazawa discuss the importance of global free trade for Germany and Japan.