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Nakasone Yasuhiro in 1985

Nakasone, Yasuhiro 1918- 2019

Nakasone Yasuhiro in 1985

Popular Documents

July 31, 1985

Draft Letter, Nakasone Yasuhiro to Hafez al-Assad

A letter from Prime Minister Nakasone of Japan to President Assad of Syria discussing the relationship between Japan and Syria, including the American hostages held in Lebanon and Ambassador Yoshihiro Nakayama’s upcoming visit to Syria.

July 29, 1985

Problem of the American Hostages in Lebanon (Prime Minister Nakasone’s Instructions to Vice-Minister Yanagiya)

A report detailing Prime Minister Nakasone’s instructions to Vice-Minister for Foreign Affairs Yanagiya regarding Japan assisting in the release of the American hostages in Lebanon.

July 31, 1985

Problem of the Release of the American Hostages (Prime Minister’s Letter to President Assad (Draft))

Attachment to the Japanese Prime Minister’s letter to President Assad about the American hostages in Lebanon.

August 10, 1988

Ichiro Suetsugu, Secretary General, Council on National Security Problems, 'Results of Nakasone-Gorbachev Meeting and Future Issues: Putting the Northern Territories Issue at the Center'

On 22 July 1988, former Prime Minister Yasuhiro Nakasone met Soviet General Secretary Mikhail Gorbachev in Moscow as part of a Japanese campaign to recover four islands lost to the Soviet Union at the end of the Second World War. In the aftermath of the visit, Ichiro Suetsugu, secretary-general of the Council on National Security Problems, wrote a report appraising the former Japanese leader’s performance on his Soviet visit and assessing future issues in the campaign.

January 21, 1989

Anatoly Chernyaev’s Notes from the Politburo Session

Anatoly Chernyaev’s notes from the Politburo session on comments by Gorbachev on his meeting with the Trilateral Commission regarding the integration of the Soviet Union into the world economy and the possibility of a united Europe