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Nguyễn, Duy Trinh (Nguyen Duy Trinh) 1910- 1985

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Popular Documents

April 13, 1966

Discussion between Zhou Enlai, Deng Xioaping, Kang Sheng, Le Duan and Nguyen Duy Trinh

China stresses the importance of Chinese aid in Vietnam, while pointing out Vietnam’s seeming mistrust; Vietnam relies on Chinese support.

April 8, 1968

Secret North Vietnam Politburo Cable

The Vietnamese Politburo informs COSVN (the communist command in South Vietnam) of developments in the United States domestic politics which have impacted President Johnson's strategy in Vietnam. It also discusses goals for the upcoming diplomatic contacts with the US.

January 23, 1967

Report by Nguyen Duy Trinh to the 13 Plenum of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Vietnam

North Vietnamese Foreign Minister Nguyen Duy Trinh discusses American military strategy in Vietnam as well as the US's internal political situation. He then outlines the rational for the Vietnamese "Talk-Fight" strategy.

November 23, 1966

Transcript of Interviews at the Central Committee of Romanian Communist Party With the Delegation of the Vietnamese Worker’s Party

This document is the transcript of a conversation between Nguyen Duy Trinh and Nicolae Ceausescu, in which Nicolae Ceausescu reaffirms the support of Romania for the Democratic Republic of Vietnam against American hostility and proposes the increased joint support of the socialist countries as a whole.

January 31, 1961

Record of Conversation from Premier Zhou Enlai’s Reception of Vietnamese Deputy Prime Minister Nguyen Duy Trinh

A brief conversation concerning a North Vietnamese request for Chinese assistance with an aerial survey. Zhou and Nguyen Duy Trinh also discuss Chinese and Polish economic aid to the DRV.