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Nie, Rongzhen 1899-

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Popular Documents

July 11, 1969

Report by Four Chinese Marshals, Chen Yi, Ye Jianying, Xu Xiangqian, and Nie Rongzhen, to the Central Committee, 'A Preliminary Evaluation of the War Situation' (excerpt)

Four Chinese Marshals examine Sino-American-Soviet relations and analyze the possibility of an upcoming war. They assert that China must continue to develop as a strong proletarian country and an active player in the international arena, allying itself with neither the Americans nor the Soviets.

July 3, 1960

Report by Nie Rongzhen to Mao Zedong Regarding Science and Technology (Abridged)

Nie Rongzhen reports to Mao on scientific and technical issues and Soviet assistance and cooperation in the area of nuclear development. The Chinese were becoming frustrated by what they called the Soviet "stranglehold" on key technical data, and led to an unwanted feeling of dependence on their Soviet comrades.

December 29, 1949

Telegram to Mao Zedong from Nie Rongzhen concerning the Repatriation of Ethnic Korean Soldiers to North Korea

Lin Biao and others ask for instructions on whether to send ethnic Korean officers and soldiers to North Korea.

June 28, 1951

Ciphered Telegram No. 21266, Krasovsky to Cde. Filippov [Stalin]

Telegram from Krasvosky to Stalin reporting on the conversation he had with Mao concerning the training of Chinese pilots in MIG-15s and the contruction of three airbases south of Pyongyang.

July 11, 1960

Some Remarks by Zhou Enlai on a Report by Nie Rongzhen

In the wake of a deepening Sino-Soviet split, Zhou Enlai explains how to manage Chinese bilateral technological and educational exchanges. Above all, Zhou emphasizes the importance of Chinese self-reliance in innovation and education as the country moves forward.