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Pak, Il-u

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Popular Documents

December 8, 1950

Draft Agreement by the Party Central Committee on Establishing a Sino-North Korea Joint Headquarters

The agreement establishes a Joint Headquarters between the Chinese and North Korean sides that will command the North Korean People's Army, the Chinese People's Volunteer Army, and all guerrilla forces, and details the leadership and specific powers and operations of the Joint Headquarters.

September 19, 1956

Record of a Meeting between the Soviet and Chinese Delegations

Mao Zedong reveals that several Korean Workers' Party members have been placed under arrest, including Pak Il-u, who is looked favorably upon by the CCP. Sino-North Korean relations have become strained as a result of Kim Il Sung's handling of the August Plenun Incident. Mao admits to Mikoyan that the Korean Workers' Party leadership may not heed their advice, but they decide to send a joint delegation to Pyongyang the next morning.

October 7, 1950

Telegram from Matveev to USSR Council of Ministers

Pak Il-u meets with Mao Zedong and five members of the CCP Politburo to discuss the current military situation in North Korea.

October 8, 1950

Telegram from Shtykov to the Soviet Council of Ministers

Telegram of the ambassador of the USSR in the DPRK to the Chairman of the Council of Ministers of the USSR with information from the North Korean government about the decision of China to send a volunteer army to Korea

October 2, 1950

Telegram from Zhou Enlai to Ni Zhiliang

Zhou Enlai notifies Ambassador Ni Zhiliang about the estimated arrival of Pak Il-u and advises Kim Il Sung to order the troops that were cut off by the opposing side and have no way to retreat to persist in guerrilla actions where they are.