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Puja, Frigyes

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Popular Documents

March 26, 1975

Saddam Hussein’s political portrait - compiled for Foreign Minister Frigyes Puja prior to the Iraqi leader’s visit to Hungary in May 1975

This report on Saddam Hussein as vice president of the Revolutionary Commanding Council describes Hussein's personal background, political views, and negotiating persona. Frigyes Puja ordered the compilation of information on Saddam Hussein two months before his visit to Hungary.

March 4, 1972

Report by Etre Sándor, 'Korean opinion on various current issues'

A report by Etre Sandor on a conversation between Pak Seong-cheol and Frigyes Puja regarding Nixon’s visit to China, Chinese-North Korean-Soviet relations, and the situation inside North Korea.

March 2, 1983

Hungarian Foreign Ministry memorandum of conversation with the Iraqi Ambassador in Budapest in 1983

This memorandum of the conversation between Ismail Hammoudi Hussein, the Ambassador of the Iraqi Republic in Budapest, and Károly Szigeti and Comrade Puja, describes Hussein’s suggestions that Hungary should help peace efforts between Iran and Iraq and that the USSR should increase its influence in the region.

June 26, 1970

Hungarian Foreign Ministry memorandum on Soviet Ambassador Titov’s briefing on Soviet foreign policy

This memorandum gives Soviet Ambassador Titov's report that during Gromiko's visit to France, the French seemed eager to continue to build relations with the USSR. It also reports on the reception of the Rogers Plan, an American plan to bring peace to the Middle East, by the Arab states.

August 30, 1960

Information Report Sent by Frigyes Puja to Minister of Foreign Affairs Endre Sík, 'Visit of Korean Ambassador Ri Dong-geun'

Note from Frigyes Puja to the Hungarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs regarding requests from the North Koreans for the UN session. They requested a resolution for the withdrawal of American troops, dissolution of the KDC, and admission of North Korea to the UN.