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Roshchin, Nikolai V.

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Popular Documents

May 13, 1950

Ciphered Telegram, Roshchin to Cde. Filippov [Stalin]

The telegram relays a request from Mao, conveyed via Chinese Foreign Minister Zhou Enlai, seeking Stalin’s “personal clarifications” of his stand on a potential North Korean action to reunify the country. Mao sought the information after hearing a report from Kim, who had arrived that day in the Chinese capital for a secret two-day visit and clearly claimed that he had received Stalin’s blessing.

July 13, 1950

Cable No. 3355, Filippov [Stalin] to the Soviet Ambassador, Peking

Stalin tells Mao that the British have been pressuring the Soviets to help for the North Koreans to withdraw to the 38th peril, and the Soviets are offended by this, and to want to insist on Soviet and PRC participation in the Security Council to resolve the issue. He also informs Mao of his willingness to send more planes, and more pilots to help train Chinese forces.

October 3, 1950

Ciphered Telegram from Roshchin in Beijing to Filippov [Stalin]

Telegram from Mao to Stalin on whether or not to move several divisions of Chinese volunteers into North Korea.

October 13, 1950

Ciphered Telegram, Roshchin to Filippov (Stalin)

Message to Stalin from Roshchin relaying the rationale for Mao's reversal of his earlier hesitance to send Chinese troops to the aid of the North Koreans. General plans for the deployment are stated as well as a request for arms on credit from the Soviet Union.

July 2, 1950

Incoming Cable No. 19413, Roschin to the Central Committee

Roschin tells the CC of his meeting with Zhou Enlai, in which they discussed talks with the Indian ambassador over maneuvering at the UN, and over the possibility of Chinese intervention in Korea against American forces.