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Rossi, Aldo

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Popular Documents

October 17, 1961

Report by Chief of Defense Staff Aldo Rossi, 'The military situation of the armed forces of the Soviet bloc and of its alleged allies and those of NATO countries and their allies'

A report on the discussions which occurred at a meeting of the Atlantic Council, during which the relative military powers of the Soviet Block and Western Block were compared. The different positions and threats posed to various NATO nations were also discussed. Finally, the report laid out plans for nuclear, submarine, and aerial weapons development to ensure that the Soviet Block’s military power never exceeds that of the Western block.

January 1, 1963

Note by SMD on Inter-Allied Force

Note by Gen. Aldo Rossi on aims, composition and structure of the Nuclear Interallied Force and potential advantages for Italy.

November 23, 1965

Appunto CSMD US Nuclear Weapons Storing in Italy

Summary by CSMD Aldo Rossi on US-Italy agreements for the storage of nuclear weapons assigned to NATO italian units.

May 30, 1961

Memorandum by Chief of Defense Staff Aldo Rossi to Minister of Defense Andreotti, 'NATO new strategic approach'

Rossi describes the recent trend of the US Administration to want to turn away from the doctrine of Massive Retaliation, towards the acquisition of a new strategic concept that includes an increase in the "nuclear threshold." In order for Italy to continue to lead the defense of central and southeastern Europe against the Soviet Union as well as address its internal social and political crises, the United States must provide Italy with financial assistance.

June 13, 1963

Annex to analysis by SMD on Proposal to assign to NATO Italian Polaris-armed Ships

Report by Gen. A. Rossi on Polaris SLBM and NATO naval forces, including technological and employment features, costs. The report includes discussions of IRBM forces in Italy, and French and British nuclear forces.