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Semichastny, V.

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Popular Documents

December 2, 1964

Stasi Report on Meetings with the KGB, 30 November-1 December 1964

Meetings between KGB Chairman Semichastny and East German Minister for State Security Mielke. Topics of discussion include Lyndon B. Johnson's recent election in the United States, Khrushchev's ouster from the Kremlin, Sino-Soviet relation, and Khrushchev's son-in-law Alexei Adzhubei.

November 25, 1963

US State Department Translation, Telegram no. 03381 Concerning American Press Reports of Soviet and Cuban Connections to Lee Harvey Oswald

Telegrams from Andrei Gromyko, Soviet Ambassador to The United States, to the CC CPSU on measures to be taken and report on the "slanderous fabrications" in the American press regarding Oswlad's connections with the USSR

October 24, 1962

Soviet Report on US Politicians Who Support Military Action Against Cuba

KGB Chief Semichastny reports on US politicians who support military intervention in Cuba, including Nelson Rockefeller and the Pentagon leadership.

June 12, 1962

Record of a Conversation about the Results of Cooperation and Further Coordination of Intelligence and Counterintelligence Activities between the MVD of the Czechoslovak Socialist Republic and the KGB under the USSR Council of Ministers

Discussion about potential exchange of intelligence and assistance between the two intelligence agencies.

July 4, 1965

Summary Record of the Discussions CSSR MVD and KGB Delegations

This report summarizes extended cooperation measures undertaken by representatives of the Czechoslovak and Soviet security agencies. Methods to increase cooperation include the exchange of operational and scientific technology and enhanced coordination between operational agencies to combat espionage and ideological diversion.