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Shultz, George Pratt 1920-

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Popular Documents

February 22, 1988

Record of a Conversation of M. S. Gorbachev with US Secretary of State G. Shultz

Gorbachev and Shultz discuss issues in the Middle East, including the Soviet withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan and the Iran-Iraq War.

November 26, 1982

Secretary of State George Schultz to President Reagan, 'How Do We Make Use of the Zia Visit to Protect Our Strategic Interests in the Face of Pakistan’s Nuclear Weapons Activities'

Secretary of State George Shultz’s letter to President Reagan covering the history of US responses to Pakistan’s nuclear program and future courses of action by the United States. While each option will rescind United States’ aid money, the Secretary details three different ways to go about it, with varying political implications for each.

October 13, 1982

CPSU Memorandum, Information on Talks between Soviet Foreign Minister Andrei A. Gromyko and US Secretary of State George Shultz

Short report that Shultz claimed to support dialogue between Pakistan and Afghanistan, and Gromyko reiterated Soviet demands that the US stop supporting opposition forces in Afghanistan.

October 23, 1987

Minutes of a Conversation between M.S. Gorbachev and the US Secretary of State G. Shultz

Gorbachev Shultz discuss the ABM treaty and Soviet-US relations.

September 7, 1982

Memorandum from the National Intelligence Officer for East Asia for the Director of Central Intelligence, 'Talking Points for Your Meetings with Secretary's Shultz and Weinberger'

The National Intelligence Officer for East Asia briefs the Director of Central Intelligence on China and Taiwan policy for an upcoming meeting with the secretaries of state and defense.