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Siwicki, Florian

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Popular Documents

March 21, 1990

Working Record of the Conversation between the Prime Minister, Tadeusz Mazowiecki and the US Secretary of Defense D. Cheney

Mazowiecki and Cheney discuss Poland’s military, Soviet troop withdraw, and the future of NATO.

January 1, 1961

Report from Polish Military Attache in Beijing

Military Attache Siwicki reports on the year's biggest issues such as; the economic crisis in China, Great Chinese Famine; discrepancies in ideology between USSR and China, such as questions of loyalty to Communist cause in the leadership and army; Chinese's interest in weapons of mass destruction; poor condition of Chinese army and society in general; and China's imperialist goals and overview of interactions with other countries

August 30, 1968

Cipher Telegram 3238-643, To the Commanding General of the 2nd Army of the Polish Armed Forces, Brigade General Cde. F. Siwicki

This text of this telegram is virtually identical to that of telegram 3234-8/220, also sent 30 August 1968.

June 27, 1961

Polish Information on Laos

Polish Military Attache Siwicki's report on the civil war situation in Laos and other parties' involvement, such as the US sending aid in the form of money or supplies

June 27, 1961

Polish Notes on Results of Chinese Military Inspection

Results of the inspection included the need for the Chinese to have more practice in tasks like grenade-throwing, establish better relationships between soldiers and officers, promote uniform ideology within the army, as well as to fulfill more of the soldiers basic needs. Motto is "small but good."