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Stoica, Chivu

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Popular Documents

October 11, 1966

Protocol No. 34 of the Romanian Executive Political Committee Meeting

This document is an excerpt of the protocol from a Romanian executive political committee meeting during which the recent visit of Paul Niculescu-Mizil and Ion Gheorghe Maurer to the Democratic Republic of Vietnam and China was discussed.

June 9, 1965

Minutes of Conversation between Chivu Stoica and Reza Radmanesh, President of the Tudeh Central Committee Politburo, Bucharest

Records a conversation between Radmanesh and Chivu Stoica, the president of the Romanian Council of Ministers, shortly after the Shah's 1965 visit to the Soviet Union.

March 25, 1965

Transcript of Conversations Between the Romanian Delegation Led by First Secretary of the C.C. of the R.W.P., Nicolae Ceausescu, and the Chinese Delegation, Led by Premier of the Council of State of the Chinese P.R., Zhou Enlai

This conversation between Romanian First Secretary, Nicolae Ceausescu, and the Chinese Premier, Zhou Enlai, states the Chinese desire to strengthen relations between the two countries and discusses the various courses of action that the two could pursue in regards to resolving the Vietnam conflict, should the United States escalate its involvement.

May 28, 1966

Transcript of the Official Conversations Between Romanian President of the Council of State Chivu Stoica and Prime Minister Ion Gheorghe Maurer, and Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi

This document is a transcription of conversations between Romanian officials and Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, in which they discuss the conflict in Vietnam, and continued relations between Iran and Romania.

May 1967

Informative Note on the Visit of the Romanian President of the Council of Ministers, Chivu Stoica, to Iran, 13-19 May 1967

The Shah explained to Chivu Stoica that Iran was interested in building a special pipeline just for socialist countries, but also said that he realized that this 'could irritate certain socialist countries' and Iran was happy to act bilaterally in the case of Romania.