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Stoph, Willi

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Popular Documents

November 9, 1989

Material for the Session/For Circulation in the Council of Ministers, Draft: Temporary Transition Rules for Travel and Permanent Exit from the GDR, Berlin

Draft resolution and press release announcing new temporary transition rules for travel abroad and permanent exits from East Germany.

October 23, 1962

Record of Socialist Unity Party of Germany (SED) Central Committee Politburo Meeting

A meeting between the Politburo members of the East German Central Committee (CC GDR) concerning US imperialist actions against Cuba, meaning the economic sanctions and blockade. The GDR Politburo members express their strong support of Cuba.

September 5, 1985

Transcript of the SED Politburo Session held on 5 September 1989

A transcript of an SED Politburo Session discussing Hungary's decision to open its western border and allow East German citizens to cross into Austria.

October 26, 1972

Draft of a Planned East German Demarche, to be Read to the Chinese Ambassador, Against Chinese Statements on the Occasion of the Establishment of Chinese-West German Diplomatic Relations and Walter Scheel's Visit

This document is a demarche to be delivered to the Chinese ambassador in East Berlin on the occasion of China's establishment of diplomatic relations between West Germany and the People's Republic of China (PRC). The demarche says the West German government is pursuing a revisionist policy and does not accept the post-war separation of Germany. It assesses the role of Bonn in international relations as detrimental to the entire Socialist camp and regards the visit of West German Foreign Minister Walter Scheel to Beijing, as well as diplomatic relations between China and West Germany, as damaging the interests of East Germany. The author asks China to reconsider this policy, with reference to East Berlin's support for the PRC's territorial claims to Taiwan/Formosa.

According to a marginal note, the demarche was never delivered.

October 11, 1973

Letter from [Syrian President] Hafez al-Assad to [Chairman of the State Council of the GDR] Willi Stoph

Hafez al-Assad tells Stoph about the escalation of the war and about Israeli bombardment of civilian facilities and houses.