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Telegraph Agency of the Soviet Union (TASS)

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Popular Documents

February 18, 1953

TASS to CPSU on 'Anti-Soviet propaganda of the Voice of America' on Death of Lev Mekhlis

This TASS information bulletin was sent to the Central Committee and the USSR Council of Ministers. Note the distribution to Stalin and Malenkov only.

June 25, 1953

TASS on Radio Liberation Broadcast to Soviet Military in Germany during June 1953 East German Revolt

This TASS bulletin containing the transcript of a Radio Liberation broadcast urging Soviet forces stationed in East Germany to “return to the barracks” was sent to top Soviet officials. Radio Liberation, later to be renamed Radio Liberty, went on the air in March 1953.

October 9, 1945

TASS Digest, 'Reactions to Truman's Message to Congress about the Atomic Bomb; etc.'

Stories include disputes in the US about putting the atomic bomb under international supervision, a speech by Truman on the atomic bomb, British conservative party politics, the dissolution of the national assembly in Portugal, elections in Budapest, and a speech by British Foreign Secretary Bevin on the conference of ministers of foreign affairs.

June 26, 1953

TASS on Voice of America Broadcast Citing Radio Liberation Appeal to Soviet Military in Germany

This document is the transcript of a VOA broadcast citing part of the Radio Liberation program mentioned in the 25 May TASS bulletin.

October 11, 1945

TASS Digest, 'Byrnes' Statement at a Press Conference; etc.'

Excerpts from a press conference by James Byrnes on the creation of a Far East Consultative Commission, as well as articles on the atomic bomb, the Council of Foreign Ministers, and a new civilian advisor for Jewish matters appointed by General Eisenhower.