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United States. Embassy (Japan)

Documents produced by or related to the Embassy of the United States in Japan.

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Popular Documents

September 28, 1972

Telegram 10353 from the American Embassy in Tokyo, 'Mao-Tanaka Meeting'

Mao had a conversation with Tanaka, carrying numerous stories from food to his childhood.

December 11, 1995

State Department Telegram 285472 to US Embassy in Tokyo, 'ACDA Director Hollum’s Meeting with Japanese Officials'

Talking points for Arms Control and Disarmament Agency Director Hollum from the State Department. Hollum was instructed to “urge” the Japanese to convey their concern to the government of India and “strong opposition [to] any such tests.” The State Department did not want to make any public statements about the situation because that “would be counterproductive,” that is, it would tip the U.S.’s hand Japan to tell Tokyo to voice its concerns over the possible Indian Nuclear Test to New Delhi.

January 18, 1986

Cable from AIT Taipei to the AIT Washington, DC, 'Full Transcription of CODEL Hatch's Press Conference in Taipei'

The American Institute in Taiwan reports on the visit of a 16-member Congressional delegation led by Senator Orrin Hatch.

November 12, 1980

State Department Telegram 302395 to US Embassy Japan, 'Japanese Reprocessing Plans'

The telegram shows the State Department requesting the US Embassy in Tokyo to learn more about Japanese thinking on a second reprocessing plant and why Japanese MITI and JAERIA held different views on this issue.

November 9, 1978

'US Demarche on Pakistani Reprocessing Plant,' US Embassy Japan cable 19874 to State Department

Japanese response to U.S. demarche on Pakistani nuclear development, describing recent discussions between Pakistan and Japan that touched on nuclear issues.