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Cyrus Vance 1977

Vance, Cyrus R. (Cyrus Roberts) 1917- 2002

Cyrus Vance 1977

Popular Documents

April 2004

KGB Active Measures in Southwest Asia in 1980-82

Materials provided by former KGB archivist Vasili Mitrokhin to CWIHP, following the publication of the Working Paper No. 40, "The KGB in Afghanistan." As with all Mitrokhin’s notes, his compilation on Soviet “active measures” in South and Southwest Asia is based on other smuggled-out notes and was prepared especially for CWIHP. Please read the Notes on Sources for information on the nature and limitations of these documents.

September 27, 1979

Meeting of Soviet Foreign Minister Gromyko and Afghan Foreign Minister Shah-Valih, New York

Meeting of Soviet Foreign Minister Gromyko and Afghan Foreign Minister Shah-Valih, New York regarding the apperant lack of US policy toward Afghanistan. (excerpt)

June 6, 1979

US Department of State Cable 145139 to US Embassy India [Repeating Cable Sent to Embassy Pakistan], 'Non-Proliferation in South [Asia]'

U.S. State Department cable states that the Carter administration has “reached a dead end” in its efforts to curb the proliferation of nuclear technology in South Asia. The State Department is wary of taking too strong an approach to Pakistan’s nuclear endeavors, given the security ties between the two countries and concerns about Pakistan’s stability.

January 17, 1980

CC CPSU Politburo transcript (excerpt)

CC CPSU Politburo transcript of a meeting on the situation in Afghanistan and its impact on relations with the West

November 30, 1977

Ministry of Foreign Affairs Information to the President, 'Secretary of State Cyrus Vance's Visit'

According to a US document left behind by Cyrus Vance, Argentina had agreed to ratify the Treaty of Tlateloco, to accept full scope safeguards and to delay the construction of a reprocessing facility in exchange for US nuclear assistance and Brazil’s acceptance of a moratorium on the construction of a reprocessing facility. Commenting the paper, Foreign Minister Silveira defines US strategy as “irresponsible” and considers it as an encouragement to the rivalry and confrontation between Argentina and Brazil.