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Xuân, Thủy (Xuan Thuy) 1912- 1985

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Popular Documents

May 7, 1968

Zhou Enlai’s talk with Xuan Thuy, Director of the International Liaison Department of the Vietnam Workers Party, in Beijing

Zhou Enlai advises Xuan Thuy concerning the negotiations with the US, Enlai draws some parallels between Korea and Vietnam

November 15, 1963

Cable from the Chinese Embassy in Vietnam, 'Xuan Thuy discusses Chairman Ho's Unpublished Approval of de Gaulle's Suggestion'

The Chinese Embassy in Vietnam reports on the alleged maneuvers of Ngo Dinh Nhu, North Vietnamese diplomacy, and France's attitudes toward Vietnam.

July 7, 1972

Summary of Zhou Enlai’s Talk with Xuan Thuy, Head of the DRV Delegation to the Paris Talks, in Beijing

In an excerpt from the talk, Zhou Enlai stresses the importance of the time between July and October 1972 for the Vietnam War.

May 7, 1968

Discussion between Zhou Enlai, Chen Yi and Xuan Thuy

Zhou Enlai draws on differences between the Korean War and the Vietnam War as a way to show the importance of strong negotiating tactics in Vietnam, he also asks Xuan Thuy to keep negotiations secret from the Soviets.

February 21, 1969

V.A. Zorin, Memorandum of Conversation with the head of the DRV delegation and the head of NLFSV delegation at the Paris negotiations

Zorin, the USSR ambassador to France, summarizes a meeting in Paris in February 1969 with representatives of North Vietnam and the National Liberation Front of South Vietnam (NLFSV) to discuss the on-going peace negotiations with the United States. Xuan Thuy and the head of the NLFSV delegation Comrade Tran Buu Kiem