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Zhang, Zhizhong 1890- 1969

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Popular Documents

August 23, 1958

Memoir by Wu Lengxi, 'Inside Story of the Decision Making during the Shelling of Jinmen'

Wu Lengxi, a member of the CCP Central Committee, recalls events in August 1958 when Chinese Communist forces along the Fujian coast began an intensive artillery bombardment of the Nationalist-controlled Jinmen Island. He recalls a Politburo Standing Committee meeting in which Mao states that the bombardment was in part motivated by events in the Middle East.

April 11, 1967

Discussion between Chinese and Vietnamese delegations

Zhou Enlai recounts previous relations concerning Taiwan and the GMD, America and the Soviet Union within the context of China’s recent history. He also emphasizes the need for Cambodian support.

January 31, 1949

Memorandum of Conversation between Anastas Mikoyan and Mao Zedong

Mao discusses the formation of a coalition government and when best to form the government. Mao discusses his strategies against Bai Chongxi and the strength of the CCP forces. Mao also discusses the representative office of the VKP(b) CC with the CCP CC, running the military districts, Guomindang naval forces, the conditions of workers, the cadres, professional unions, working youth and women, talks with the Guomindang government, foreign trade, and the foreign policy of the CCP.

January 12, 1947

Record of a Conversation between Soviet Ambassador in China A. A. Petrov and General Zhang Zhizhong on 7 January 1947

Petrov and Zhang discuss Xinjiang-Soviet trade and the overall state of Sino-Soviet relations.

June 5, 1944

Record of Conversation with Cde. Lin Zuhan, Chairman of the Special Region

Godunov reports on Lin Zuhan's comments on relations between the Kuomintang the Chinese Communist Party, the situation in Chongqing, and recent developments in Xinjiang.