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Popular Documents

October 19, 1954

Minutes of the First Meeting between Premier Zhou Enlai and Nehru

Zhou Enlai and Nehru discuss French and Portuguese colonialism in India and China, the Sino-American conflict, conflict in the Taiwan Straits, and the China issue at the United Nations.

August 9, 1961

Cable from the Chinese Embassy in Morocco, 'A Goan Discusses Goa’s Issues with Us'

Report on a conversation with a spokesman for the Nationalist Organizations of the Portuguese Colonies' permanent secretariat in Morocco, named Aquino de Braganca, who is a native of Goa, India, and a member of the Goan People's Party. The conversation covers two main issues: First, the current political situation in Angola, and second, the status of Goa's struggle to oppose Portugal and gain independence.

November 28, 1961

Telegram from Chinese Embassy in Morocco to Foreign Ministry, 'Request Foreign Ministry Learn About Braganca Situation Through Embassy in India'

A member of India's Goan People's Party visted the embassy asking for support from the Chinese.

December 19, 1961

Cable from the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, 'We Support the Action Taken by India against Goa, but We Cannot Agree with India’s Demand that We Withdraw Our Sentry Posts'

Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs ordered the Chinese Ambassador to convey to India that while China wholeheartedly support India taking back Goa, it could not agree to the demand that Beijing withdraw their sentry posts.

September 16, 1961

Telegram from Chinese Foreign Ministry to Embassy in Morocco, 'Currently Inadvisable to Invite Kakodkar to Visit China'

The Foreign Ministry advises against inviting the general secretary of the Goan People's Party to China for the time being.