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Iranian Azerbaijan

Popular Documents

April 12, 1946

Telegram from the CC CP of Azerbaijan to M.D. Bagirov on the Soviet-Iranian agreement

The Central Committee of the Azerbaijan SSR responds approvingly to the Soviet-Iranian agreement in which the Soviets agreed to withdraw military forces in exchange for oil concessions from Iran.

July 6, 1945

Decree of the CC CPSU Politburo to Mir Bagirov CC Secretary of the Communist Party of Azerbaijan, 'Measures to Organize a Separatist Movement in Southern Azerbaijan and Other Provinces of Northern Iran'

The Soviet leadership informs the leadership of the CPAz CC of the decisions taken regarding the need to organize a separatist movement in Northern Iran. The document sets up a step by step plan to insure that the population in Northern Iran can be manipulated to declare independence and join the Azerbaijan SSR.

July 14, 1945

Secret Soviet Instructions, 'Measures to Carry out Special Assignments throughout Southern Azerbaijan and the Northern Provinces of Iran'

Soviet document with instructions on creating the Azerbaijan Democratic Party in northern Iran in an attempt to set the basis for a separatist movement.

April 4, 1946

Message from Prime Minister Ahmad Qavam to Ambassador Sadchikov About a Joint Oil Company

The Shah of Iran agrees to starting a Soviet-Iranian oil company using oil from Northern Iran. The letter contains Iran's conditions for this company and the promise that a treaty will soon follow this letter.

April 12, 1946

Message from Bagirov on April 7 meeting with Pishevari

Bagirov describes a conversation with Pishevari on events in Iranian Afghanistan. He also describes Pishevari's separate meetings with representatives from the Tudeh party and the British and American consuls in Tabriz.