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Popular Documents

June 2007

The KGB vs. Vatican City. Folder 29. The Chekist Anthology.

In this entry Mitrokhin describes the history of chilly diplomatic relations between the KGB and Vatican City from the 1960s through the mid 1980s.

July 23, 1940

Welles Declaration, Department of State Press Release, 'Statement by the Acting Secretary of State, the Honorable Sumner Welles'

Later referred to as the "Welles Declaration," this statement by acting Secretary of State Sumner Welles condemned the 1940 Soviet occupation of the Baltic states and set United States policy of refusing to recognize the new Soviet governments of Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania.

April 21, 1967

Colonel V. Konoplenko to the Chief of the 1st Department and the Department Chiefs of the 2nd Directorate of the KGB of the Council of Ministers of the Lithuanian SSR

Deputy Chairman Colonel V. Konoplenko describes the counterintelligence operation known as HORIZON in general terms and tasks the Lithuanian KGB and its branches with specific counterintelligence tasks.

December 7, 1984

Chief of the Pasvalys Regional Branch of the KGB of the Lithuanian SSR Lt. Colonel S. Saveikis, 'A Plan for the Individual Training of a Young Officer of the State Security Service'

This document provides a set of instructions concerning the matters that a newly-recruited state security officer who has not gone through the Chekist educational system needs to know in order to perform his Chekist duties in the successful manner.

January 8, 1968

Information about the Work of the 4th Department of the 2nd Directorate on the Preparation and Implementation of the Chekist Active Measures against the Intelligence Services of the FRG from Counterintelligence Positions in 1967.

An annual report covering the work of the 4th Department of the Lithuanian KGB counterintelligence directorate, which was tasked with counterintelligence activities in the Federal Republic of Germany, in 1967.