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Popular Documents

July 20, 1988

Agreement between Angola, Cuba and South Africa, 'Principles for a Peaceful Settlement in Southwestern Africa'

Lays out the conditions for the withdrawal of foreign forces from Namibia, agreed on by Angola, Cuba, and South Africa.

October 1988

Meetings between Angola, Cuba, South Africa and the United States, 'Reuniones para lograr una solución al conflicto de la región del suroeste de Africa' #4-8

Meetings between delegations of Angola, Cuba, South Africa and the United States about the future of Angola and Namibia: Geneva, 2-5 August 1988; Brazzaville, 24-26 August 1988; Brazzaville 7-9 September 1988; Brazzaville 26-29 September 1988; New York, 6-9 October 1988.

February 4, 1982

Cuba-Angola Declaration

A defense of Cuban military intervention in Angola, citing the advance of South African troops in Angolan territory as justifiable cause. Accuses the United States and South Africa of inciting bands of Namibian militia to upset the Cuban presence in Angola. Argues that the presence of Cuban troops in Angola is an agreement between two sovereign governments.

April 26, 1979

USSR Embassy in Cuba, 'Informational Letter on Contemporary Cuban-American Relations'

The Soviet Embassy in Havana gives an overview of the latest developments in US-Cuban relations. While steps towards a rapprochment have been undertaken, both sides are deadlocked on the issue of Cuba's military involvement in Africa.

May 1, 1985

Letter from R.F. Botha to Lt-Col Manuel Rodrigues

Letter from R. F. "Pik" Botha to the Angolan Minister of the Interior, decrying the movement of SWAPO militants into South African territory and the Angolan anti-South African propaganda campaign. Urges Angola to end the propaganda and to ensure that SWAPO attacks are not planned or executed from Angolan territory.