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Popular Documents

April 28, 1962

People's Bank of China Jilin Branch, 'On the Outflow of Korean Nationality People from the Yanbian Area and the Illegal Carrying of RMB and Korean Currency across the Border'

Chinese Koreans in Yanbian are taking increasing amounts of currency across the border into North Korea.

April 29, 1961

4th Bureau of the Ministry of Public Security to the People’s Armed Police Divisions of the Public Security Department, 'Investigative Report by the Yanbian Korean Autonomous Prefecture on the Outflow of Border Residents'

The 4th Bureau of the Chinese Ministry of Public Security distributes an investigative report, conducted by the Public Security Office in the Yanbian Korean Autonomous Prefecture, which cites reasons and proposes solutions for the outflow of border residents into North Korea.

September 8, 1966

Cable from the Yanbian Military District Party Committee, 'Implementing the Shenyang Military District's Opinion “Guidance on the Activities of Red Guards in the Border Area”'

With Red Guards stirring up trouble on the Sino-Korean bounder, authorities in Yanbian consider how to handle the situation.

March 23, 1962

Instructions from the Ministries of Foreign Affairs and Public Security on the Issue of Ethnic Koreans Crossing the Border to Korea

The Ministries of Foreign Affairs and Public Security explain North Korea's complaints regarding China's inability to effectively prevent illegal border crossings and summarize the Chinese understanding of the issue and specify instructions on resolving the issue of illegal border crossings.

November 25, 1961

Cable from the Jilin Provincial Party Committee, 'Korean Citizen Border Crossers Arriving in China’s Changbai County Request Residency'

Jilin devices procedures for handling DPRK citizens who illegally crossed into Chinese territory.