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An Su-gil

Andrew C. Nahm and James E. Hoare

Writer who was detained in the Gwangju incident who went to the DPRK after 1945 but reached Seoul in 1948.


AN SU-GIL (1911-1977). Born in Hamheung, now in North Korea, An went to school in Seoul and was briefly detained at the time of the 1929 Gwangju incident before going to Japan to study at Waseda University. After graduation, he went to Manchuria, where he worked as a teacher and a journalist. After 1945, he returned to North Korea but reached Seoul in 1948. Thereafter An worked as a journalist on the Kyunghyang Sinmun and as a teacher, while producing many novels and short stories. The best known of his novels is Bukgando (North Jiandao), published in five volumes between 1959-1967, which describes life from the 1860s to 1945 in an area that was famous for its resistance to the Japanese.

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