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  • March 07, 1986

    International Olympic Committee Meeting with the South Korean Sports Minister and his Delegation regarding the Asian Games and Television Rights

    Notes on a meeting between the IOC and the South Korean Sports Minister, discussing preparations for the Asian games, television rights and IOC meetings in Seoul.

  • July 14, 1987

    Memorandum of the Meeting between the National Olympic Committees of the Two Koreas and the International Olympic Committee, Lausanne, 14-15 July 1987

    An official meeting between the Olympic Committees of North and South Korea, joined by the IOC President Samaranch and delegates. The group discusses issues of which sporting events North Korea would be able to organize at the upcoming 1988 Summer Olympics, where would opening and closing ceremonies occur and the appreciation both sides felt for the efforts of the IOC to work out the variety of issues between North and South Korea.

  • August 11, 1988

    Note from the President of International Olympic Committee (IOC) to Richard W. Pound, IOC Member, regarding Issue of Co-hosting the 1988 Olympics by the Two Koreas

    Letter from IOC President, Juan Antonio Samaranch, to Mr. Richard W. Pound, containing an IOC proposal on the 1988 Olympic Games and correspondence between the DPRK Supreme People's Assembly and the ROK National Assembly.