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  • December 03, 1973

    Memorandum for General Scowcroft, through W.R. Smyser, from John A. Froebe Jr., “Proposed WSAG Meeting on Korean Situation"

    National Security Council staff member John A. Froebe, Jr., suggests that the United States must respond to North Korea's claims over the Northern Limit Line.

  • December 22, 1973

    Memorandum for Secretary Kissinger from John A. Froebe, Jr., “Korean West Coast Island Situation"

    John A. Froebe, Jr., briefs Henry Kissinger on the Northern Limit Line Dispute.

  • November 14, 1974

    US National Security Council Memorandum, Sale of Canadian Nuclear Reactor to South Korea

    A National Security Council report on the potential sale of a Canadian CANDU nuclear reactor to South KOrea.

  • July 11, 1975

    Draft US Department of State Cable on Approach to South Korea on French Reprocessing Plant

    A follow up report for Henry Kissinger on the state of U.S. policy toward South Korea's purchase of a French reprocessing plant.