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  • November 20, 1948

    The Korean People's Army

    A collection of speeches of Kim Il Sung, Kim Du-bong, Choe Yong-geon, and Kim Dal-hyeon on the Korean People's Army in 1948.

  • January 19, 1950

    Telegram Shtykov to Vyshinsky on a Luncheon at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the DPRK

    Shtykov reports a meeting with Kim Il Sung, along with Chinese and Korean delegates. Kim Il Sung expresses his view on the prospect of a liberation of the South Korean people that is to follow the Chinese success in liberation. Kim expresses his view that the South Koreans support his cause for reunification which the South Korean government does not seem to purse, and that he desires to ask Stalin for permission on an offensive action on South Korea.

  • December 31, 1953

    Political Report No. 8 of the Embassy of the People’s Republic of Poland in the Democratic People's Republic of Korea for the Period of 1 December to 31 December 1953

    The Polish Embassy provides information on the KWP Central Committee, the Supreme People's Assembly, agreements to receive assistance from communist countries, and the situation of industries, education, and health in North Korea.

  • August 28, 1954

    Report from the Romanian Embassy in Pyongyang to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Second Division Liaison, August 28th 1954, 533/5

    In a report to the Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Tatu speaks about his conversations with Kim Il Sung. Topics range from currency in North Korea and the industrial development to the condition of hospitals and the care of Korean orphans. Also discussed are the ambassador's return visits to Bucharest, where the question of moving the Soviet embassy to Pyongyang is mentioned.

  • March 12, 1955

    Resolution of the 1st Meeting of the KWP CC Presidium of 1-2 February 1955

    The Korean Worker's Party Central Committee identifies the causes of the shortcomings in grain purchase work and decrees new methods and solutions to overcome these problems.

  • August 29, 1956

    Memorandum of Conversation with Pak Ui-wan

    Pak Ui-wan discusses Kim Il Sung's draft report on his visit to the Soviet Union, the economic situation of the DPRK, party and government measures for the Five-Year Plan, the intra-party situation and the tasks of the Korean Worker's Party. During the conversation, Kim Du-bong notes his concerns over the personality cult, the shortcomings in the work of the Central Committee, and the serious economic situation in DPRK.

  • April 08, 1957

    Journal of Soviet Ambassador to the DPRK A.M. Puzanov for 8 April 1957

    Puzanov recalls Kim Du-bong's and Nam Il's explanation of the DPRK's food challenges, domestic cloth and cement production, and emphasis on solidarity with the socialist camp.

  • May 27, 1957

    Journal of Soviet Ambassador to the DPRK A.M. Puzanov for 27 May 1957

    Nam Il informs Puzanov about plans for holding elections to the Supreme National Assembly. He then passes a list of DPRK officials to be sent to the Soviet Union for treatment and discusses the possible visit of a delegation of Soviet journalists to the DPRK.

  • October 25, 1957

    Journal of Soviet Ambassador to the DPRK A.M. Puzanov for 25 October 1957

    Jeong Il-yong discusses the issue concerning the construction of the Seongjin Steel Foundry and Nam Il informs Puzanov of the Presidium meeting in which Kim Du-bong explains his ties with Choe Chang-ik and Kim Seung-hwa in the previous year.