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  • July 20, 1970

    South African Department of Foreign Affairs, Announcement by South African Prime Minister Vorster

    Announcement by South African Prime Minister Vorster outlines the country’s approach to marketing and selling enriched uranium. He describes a unique process by which South African scientists can create a highly enriched “uranium concentrate.”

  • 1974

    Draft Speech for John Vorster, 'Mocambique'

  • October 15, 1974

    Meeting between the Hon. Prime Minister and the Zambians

  • October 23, 1974

    Statement by the Prime Minister, the Honourable B.J. Vorster, in the Senate on 23 October 1974

  • March 03, 1976

    South African Government Cabinet Minutes on Rhodesia, 3 March-1 September 1976

    Excerpts from discussions on the situation in Rhodesia, the possible implications that a hostile Rhodesia would pose to South African defense calculations, and the policies South Africa should pursue with regards to Rhodesia.

  • June 23, 1976

    Conversation between Prime Minister of South Africa Balthazar Vorster and US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger

    Meeting of a US delegation headed by Henry Kissinger with South African officials including Prime Minister Vorster on the topic of the situation in Rhodesia, Smith's rule there, the military situation in that country, and the potential involvement of Cuba or China in the conflict.

  • August 24, 1977

    Extract from Speech by the South African Prime Minister at Congress of the National Party of Cape Province

    Extract from a speech during which South African Prime Minister Vorster discusses Soviet allegations that South Africa has developed a nuclear bomb.

  • August 26, 1977

    Cable, South African Department of Foreign Affairs, 'South Africa: Nuclear Bomb Charges'

    South African department of Foreign Affairs cable to its embassies addressing the Soviet charge that South Africa is on the precipice of developing a nuclear bomb. The message states that South Africa has no intentions of developing a weapon, that the Kalahari facility is not being used to test explosives, and that “there will not be any nuclear explosive testing of any kind in South Africa.” Attached is a copy of the Prime Ministers’ 24 August 1977 speech in Cape Town.

  • October, 1977

    Letter from South African Prime Minister Vorster to US President Carter on US-South Africa Relations

    South African Prime Minister Vorster denies the existence of a South African nuclear program and lists hostile steps taken by the United States to exclude South Africa from international nuclear and atomic energy groups. He concludes that "it would seem... the United States officially holds the view that stability in Southern Africa and the future of our country is to be sacrificed in the hope of stopping Soviet expansionism."

  • October 25, 1977

    Telegram from UK Embassy in Pretoria to the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, 'South Africa's Nuclear Intentions'

    UK Embassy in Pretoria reports on South African President Vorster’s remarks on nuclear matters to ABC television.