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  • October 11, 1975

    Telegram from Washington to Bucharest, No. 075119

    Romanian diplomats report that Washington considers the situation in Korea to be very dangerous, that a withdrawal of U.S. ground forces from Korea could prompt South Korea to develop nuclear weapons, and that the Algerian-sponsored resolution in support of North Korea at the United Nations General Assembly is unacceptable.

  • April 14, 1976

    Telegram from Washington to Bucharest, SECRET, Regular, No. 083.895

    The Embassy of Romania in Washington, D.C., conveys the remarks of Robert Martens, Head of Regional Affairs within the Bureau of East Asian and Pacific Affairs from the Department of State, on developments in Korea.

  • December 15, 1977

    Telegram 085579 from the Romanian Embassy in Washington, DC, to the Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs

    U.S.-Korea relations are marred by concerns over the withdrawal of American troops from the ROK, human rights in South Korea, and the Koreagate scandal.