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  • January 29, 1968

    Record of Conversation between Mongolian Deputy Foreign Minister Chimiddorj and the Counselor of the Soviet Embassy Basmanov on the USS Pueblo Crisis

    Mongolian Deputy Foreign Minister D. Chimiddorj meets with Counselor of the Soviet Embassy, M.I. Basmanov to discuss North Korea's conflict with the US over the capture of the USS Pueblo. Basmanov describes the Soviet Embassy's involvement acting as a go-between for the United States and North Korea.

  • May 13, 1976

    Report from the GDR Embassy in the USSR, “Note about a Conversation between Comrade Bauer and Comrade Basmanov, Deputy Head of the 1st Far Eastern Department of the USSR Foreign Ministry, on 10 May, 1976.”

    Summary of a conversation between Comrade Bauer and Comrade Basmanov addressing the personality cult in the DPRK, the socialist development in the DPRK, the DPRK’s economy, the relationship between the Soviet Union and the DPRK. Basmanov, furthermore, compared the DPRK’s relationship with the Soviet Union to its relationship with the PRC.