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  • November 03, 1968

    The National Liberation Front's Five-Point Political Solution to the South Vietnam Question

    Excerpt from a declaration of the National Liberation Front on a political settlement of the South Vietnam question: The US had to withdraw from Vietnam and destroy their military bases in South Vietnam. South Vietnam's internal matters would be dealt with by the South Vietnamese and the reunification of Vietnam would be decided by the Vietnamese without foreign intervention. There would be a general election in South Vietnam. The new government in South Vietnam would adopt a neutral foreign policy: No military alliance, having cordial relation with all countries, establishing good neighbor relations with Cambodia and Laos.

  • May 08, 1969

    The Complete Ten-Point Solution of the National Liberation Front Regarding a Political Solution to the South Vietnam Question

    Announcement of the National Liberation Front's delegate at the 16th session of the Paris Conference: The Americans had to unconditionally withdraw their amy, military personnel, weapons, etc. and destroy their bases in Vietnam. The South Vietnamese would choose their political system through a general election without foreign intervention. In the meantime, a provisional government including members of all political groups would be formed. The North and the South would then reestablish normal relations and negotiate reunification peacefully without foreign intervention. Both would refrain from having military alliances and foreign military presence in their territories. The North and the South would discuss the release of POWs. The Americans would have to bear all responsibilities for the damage incurred in Vietnam during the war.