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  • March 28, 1972

    Conversation with Kim Yeong-ju (1)

    Jeong Hong-jin meets with Kim Yeong-ju and delivers a message to him from Lee Hu-rak, who expresses that he must meet with Kim as soon as possible in order to bring about peaceful unification and the exchange of material and human resources that will facilitate this. In response, Kim Yeong-ju delivers his own message focusing specifically on mutual distrust, political differences, and the need to pool economic resources.

  • March 31, 1972

    Conversation with Kim Yeong-ju (2)

    Kim Yeong-ju delivers a final message to Lee Hu-rak in which he requests him to visit on April 12th, prior to a public proposal he is to make. Also, he discusses a like visit of Kim Deok-hyeon to the South, though he leaves the date of his visit to be discussed later

  • March 20, 1973

    Tenth Meeting between Delegates of North Korea and South Korea

    The DPRK delegation informs the ROK delegation that North Korea agrees with holding inter-Korean discussions among high-level officials.

  • March 22, 1973

    Eleventh Meeting Between Delegates from North Korea and South Korea

    The North and South Korean delegations discuss the details of the next inter-Korean meeting between high-level officials.