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  • September 28, 1972

    Telegram 10353 from the American Embassy in Tokyo, 'Mao-Tanaka Meeting'

    Mao had a conversation with Tanaka, carrying numerous stories from food to his childhood.

  • December 11, 1974

    US Department of State Cable, ROK Plans to Develop Nuclear Weapons and Missiles

    A telegram from the United States Secretary of State expressing concern over SOuth Korea's nuclear intentions.

  • February 24, 1975

    Memorandum of conversation, 'French Participation in the Nuclear Suppliers Conference'

    This memo outlines the process that the French said they would take in order to reach a decision regarding their participation in the nuclear suppliers' group conference. These steps include France presenting a paper on their position, the U.S. responding, and then more bilateral talks before a final decision is reached.

  • March 23, 1975

    State Department telegram 65502 to US Consulate, Jerusalem, 'Action Memorandum: Nuclear Suppliers' Conference'

    This telegram lists the complications that would arise if France does not agree to participate in the nuclear suppliers' meeting or if it delays its decision. Also lists ideas of how to overcome the challenges of the bilateral talks between the U.S. and France, and sends these various options to Paris.

  • July 02, 1975

    US Department of State Memorandum, Approach to South Korea on Reprocessing

    A State Department report on possible U.S. approaches towards South Korea's nuclear reprocessing plans.

  • December 12, 1975

    US Department of State Cable, Korean Reprocessing

    The Acting Secretary of State met with South Korean Ambassador Hahm to discuss South Korea's nuclear program and planned purchase of a French reprocessing plant.