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Digital Archive International History Declassified


  • February 28, 1977

    US National Security Council Memorandum, 'Contacts and Communications with North Korea'

    Mike Armacost weighs in on North Korea's policy toward the United States, and whether Cyrus Vance ought to reply to a letter from North Korean Foreign Minister Heo Dam.

  • March 10, 1977

    US Presidential Memorandum, Jimmy Carter Administration, North Korean Proposal for Discussions of Reunification with South Korea

    Zbigniew Brezinski rejects North Korea's proposals for talks with representatives from South Korea as of limited significance.

  • August 05, 1986

    Memorandum of Conversation between Craxi and Armacost

    Diplomatic advisor Antonio Badini's report from the meeting between Craxi and Armacost regarding international terrorism, situation in Libya and Syria, and deterioration of East-West relations.

  • August 03, 1987

    Embassy Islamabad Telegram 16294 to Department of State, 'First Day in Islamabad—August 2'

    Armacost reported to Secretary Shultz, “I emphasized the need for immediate practical steps to demonstrate to an aroused Congress and a skeptical administration that no further illegal procurement activities would take place and that we had verifiable assurances there would be no further enrichment of weapons-grade uranium.”

  • August 05, 1987

    Embassy Islamabad Telegram 16556 to Department of State, 'Under Secretary Armacost Meeting with Zia'

    Zia argued that Washington was trying to “get one Pakistani in order to hang the entire government.”

  • August 07, 1987

    Department of State Telegram 244270 to the Embassy in Islamabad, 'Under Secretary Armacost Meeting with Zia'

    Only a few weeks after Pervez’s arrest, Under Secretary of State Armacost traveled to Pakistan for wide ranging discussions with General Zia, but with a special focus on nuclear procurement and the uranium enrichment program.

  • August 23, 1987

    Embassy Islamabad Telegram 17754 to the Secretary of State, 'Pervez Case-GOP Regulation on Procurement Activities'

    During the Armacost-Zia talks, the Pakistanis tell US officials that they will confidentially share any new procurement regulations with them.