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Digital Archive International History Declassified


  • June 15, 1956

    Memorandum on Evaluation of Radio Free Europe by US Legation in Hungary

    CIA official Cord Meyer, chief of the International Organizations Division (IOD), notes that the Budapest Legation’s appraisal [Budapest Legation Dispatch No. 372 and Budapest Dispatch 427, May 23, 1956] is more positive than media commentary at the time [Cyrus Sulzberger’s May 14 commentary in The New York Times; letter to the editor response by FEC official Louis Galantier, June 2, 1956.]

  • October 24, 1956

    International Operations Division, Guidance to Radio Liberation from New York on Satellite Situation

    The International Operations Division officer responsible for Radio Liberty notes to Cord Meyer his disagreement with RL’s policy of avoiding all commentary on the Hungarian Revolution. He cites Meyer’s intention to discuss the issue with AMCOMLIB president Sargeant.

  • November 14, 1956

    US Government Appraisal of Radio Free Europe Broadcasts

    Cord Meyer forwards to Allen Dulles a State Department assessment dated November 13, 1956, of Radio Free Europe Hungarian and Polish broadcasts. The assessment was requested by Secretary of State John Foster Dulles and was prepared by State Department official L. Randolph Higgs, responsible for coordinating RFE issues with CIA, and Meyer, who objected to an initial State Department draft.

  • November 23, 1956

    Interim Policy Guidance for Free Europe Committee

    Cord Meyer forwards to Frank Wisner a copy of “Interim Guidance for RFE” dated November 20 [a final revision of previous drafts] that was transmitted to the FEC on November 21. [FEC copy available in the Hoover Archives.]

  • November 26, 1956

    Review of Radio Free Europe Hungarian Broadcasts

    Cord Meyer informs Allen Dulles that Radio Free Europe (RFE) Hungarian broadcasts did not incite revolution or promise outside military intervention. He encloses his memorandum of November 16, 1956, on monitoring and program control of RFE and RL.

  • November 29, 1956

    Radio Free Europe Hungarian Broadcasts Appraised

    Cord Meyer forwards to Allen Dulles, with extensive comment, deputy undersecretary of state Robert Murphy’s review, dated November 26, 1956, of selected RFE Hungarian program scripts. Meyer also forwards a CIA/IOD memorandum on RFE policy and program review procedures.

  • December 04, 1956

    Review of Radio Free Europe Broadcasting

    Cord Meyer forwards to Allen Dulles as background for Operations Coordinating Board discussions a memorandum of that date on “Radio Free Europe – Review of Broadcasting Policy and Content.”

  • January 07, 1957

    Memorandum from Frank G. Wisner for the International Organizations Division Chief, 'Reflections on Radio Free Europe's Present Position and Potentials; Lines for Poland, etc.' [Declassified September 19, 2016]

    Frank Wisner, reflecting on the Hungarian Revolution, suggests that Soviet Communism is on the defensive and RFE broadcasts to Poland should discourage violence while supporting Party leader Gomulka’s efforts to gain more autonomy from the Soviet Union. IOD Chief Cord Meyer annotates the memorandum.

  • March 05, 1957

    State Department and CIA Officials Discuss Radio Free Europe and Radio Liberation

    Robert Murphy, Allen Dulles, and other officials review on March 2 State Department recommendations contained in a memorandum dated January 10 [document not released] and agree that the charter of the Committee on Radio Broadcasting Policy (CRBP) include drafting Radio Free Europe (RFE) country policy guidances and considering reductions in RFE broadcasts

  • May 01, 1957

    Ambassador Bohlen’s Views of Radio Liberation

    Cord Meyer forwards to Richard Helms his account of Ambassador Charles E. Bohlen’s views of RL provided to a Committee on Radio Broadcasting Policy (CRBP) meeting on April 24. Minutes of the meeting are provided in a State Department memorandum dated April 25

  • January 30, 1958

    Radio Free Europe Broadcasts to Poland Reappraised

    Radio Free Europe, State Department, and CIA officials review Radio Free Europe broadcasts to Poland in response to State Department criticism

  • May 26, 1958

    Defense of Radio Liberty Russian Broadcasts

    Cord Meyer informs Allen Dulles about an International Organizations Division review concluding that AMCOMLIB co-founder Isaac Don Levine’s criticisms of RL Russian broadcasts are largely baseless.

  • January 05, 1959

    Memorandum from International Organizations Division Chief Cord Meyer to Director of Central Intelligence, 'Resignation of Mr. C. D. Jackson from the Board of the Free Europe Committee'

    Cord Meyer reviews for Allen Dulles State Department policy on Hungary and Poland that led C.D.Jackson to resign from the Free Europe Committee and urges Dulles to ask Jackson to reconsider.

  • January 27, 1959

    Cord Meyer, Jr., 'Policy Guidance and Program Review for Radio Free Europe and Radio Liberation' [Approved for Release May 6, 2019]

    CIA official Cord Meyer reviews RFE and RL responses to program changes directed by the interagency Committee on Radio Broadcast Policy.

  • February 02, 1959

    Comments on US Policy Towards the USSR and Radio Free Europe

    Richard Bissell forwards to Allen Dulles comments of Cord Meyer on Moscow Dispatch No. 375. Dulles’ handwritten comment registers agreement with Meyer and Ambassador Thompson.

  • March 18, 1959

    CIA Rejects Ambassador Beam’s Critique of Radio Free Europe

    Cord Meyer notes weaknesses in some RFE Polish broadcasts but rejects Ambassador Beam’s negative assessment provided in Warsaw Embassy Dispatch no. 301

  • April 02, 1959

    Review of Radio Free Europe Polish Broadcasts

    Cord Meyer recounts conclusions of the June 2, 1958, session of the Committee on Radio Broadcasting Policy.

  • April 28, 1959

    CIA-State Department Differences on Radio Free Europe Polish Broadcasts

    Cord Meyer records sharply different views of the utility of RFE Polish broadcasts aired by State and CIA officials in a meeting with Assistant Secretary of State Foy Kohler on April 23, 1959

  • May 13, 1959

    USIA Criticism of Radio Free Europe and Radio Liberty

    USIA Director George Allen sympathizes with State Department questioning the value of RFE and RL in a meeting with Allen Dulles and others

  • November 23, 1960

    International Operations Division, Management Turmoil at Radio Free Europe

    The IOD officer responsible for RFE informs Cord Meyer of the turmoil in the RFE Czechoslovak Service. He opines that resignation of the RFE Munich leadership [European Director Erik Hazelhoff and his deputies David Penn and Charles J. McNeill] “would be an extremely healthy thing.”