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  • September 06, 1953

    Cable from Ambassador Yuan Zhongxin, 'Minutes of Meeting between R.K. Nehru and Ambassador Yuan'

    The Chinese ambassador to India reports that he and Nehru discussed Indian privileges in Tibet, the use of radios and guns by Indian commercial representatives in Tibet, and the issue of garrison relief.

  • March 04, 1955

    Cable from Yuan Zhongxin, 'Nehru Inquired about Premier Zhou's Schedule for the Afro-Asian Conference'

    Indian prime minister asked Chinese delegation whether Zhou Enlai would participate in the Asian-African Conference. The Chinese delegate gave positive answer but without detailed itinerary.

  • April 12, 1955

    Cable from Yuan Zhongxin, 'Plane Crash Situation Report'

    Yuan Zhongxin reports on an airplane carrying Chinese, Indian, Vietnamese, and Polish personnel to the Asian-African Conference which crashed into the sea near India.

  • April, 1960

    First Asia Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, 'Negotiations and Talks between the Chinese and Burmese Governments on the Issue of Dual Citizenship of Overseas Chinese over the Past Year'

    The document covers series conversation transcripts between Chinese and Myanmar officials in the negotiation of the dual nationalities issues of Overseas Chinese, for example the transcript of conversation between Chairman Mao and Premier U Nu, the main points of first meeting between Premier Zhou and Premier U Nu, the transcript of conversation between Ambassador Li Yimang and Myanmar Foreign Minister.