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Digital Archive International History Declassified


  • January 08, 1958

    Record of Conversation at a Dinner Given by the French Ambassador De Carbonell on Jan. 3, 1958

    The French ambassador leads a discussion on the feasibility of the Rapacki Plan, including potential obstacles and benefits.

  • March 14, 1958

    Director General Ogrodziński, 'Record of Conversation'

    American Ambassador Beam informs Ogrodziński that American missions abroad will be filling out an assessment of the Rapacki Plan. Beam also mentions upcoming secret American-Soviet talks.

  • May 03, 1958

    Deputy Minister Winiewicz, 'Record of Conversation with US Ambassador on May 3, 1958'

    Deputy Minister Winiewicz recounts his conversation with Ambassador Beam, in which Winiewicz replies to the American note concerning the Rapacki Plan by asserting the Polish intention to continue pursuing the Plan. Beam assures Winiewicz of the American interest in positive relations with Poland.

  • February 19, 1959

    Ambassador Beam’s Critique of Radio Free Europe

    Ambassador Jacob Beam forwards to Washington in Warsaw Embassy Dispatch no. 301 his critique of RFE Polish broadcasts as incompatible with US policy goals in Poland. In an attached undated and incomplete memorandum, International Organization Division dissents from the State Department criticism

  • September 15, 1959

    CIA-State 'Summit' on Radio Free Europe Polish Broadcasts

    Allen Dulles records his discussion that day with Undersecretary of State Douglas Dillon and Ambassador Jacob Beam, who were critical of RFE Polish broadcasts

  • November 30, 1960

    Ambassador Beam Remains Critical of Radio Free Europe Polish Broadcasts

    Ambassador Beam responds to Allen Dulles’ letter of November 13, 1960 [document not released] about RFE Polish broadcasts

  • November 30, 1960

    Ambassador Beam Criticizes Two Radio Free Europe Polish Scripts

    Ambassador Beam complains about two RFE Polish broadcasts to the U.S. Consul General in Munich

  • August 22, 1968

    Prague Embassy Urges Caution on Radio Free Europe and Voice of America

    In Prague Embassy Dispatch No. 3079, Ambassador Jacob Beam urges the US Radios to provide factual reporting and neither encourage nor discourage Czechoslovak youth opposed to the invasion