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  • October 18, 1958

    Notification from the Ministry of Interior on Opinions Relating to Marriages between Chinese People and Korean Women

    The Ministry of the Interior transmits a report entitled "Internal Opinions on Marriages between Chinese [Men] and [North] Korean Women" as reference for Civil Administration Departments in the People's Republic of China. The document outlines policies for addressing requests from North Korean women wishing to marry Chinese men.

  • October 28, 1959

    Cable from the Chinese Interior Ministry, 'Reply to the Letter from the Korean Side Proposing that Former Captives Who are Chinese Citizen Korean Nationality People’s Army Soldiers be given Veteran’s Benefits'

    The Chinese Interior Ministry devises a policy to accord veterans benefits to Chinese Koreans who served in the North Korean army and have since returned to China.

  • April 04, 1960

    Cable from the Chinese Interior Ministry Benefits Bureau, 'Reply to the Letter concerning how to Handle Benefits for Chinese Citizen Demobilized Former Korean People’s Army Soldiers Holding Valid Korean Demobilization Documents who Came to China'

    The Interior Ministry weighs on the proposed benefits for Chinese Koreans who formerly served in the North Korean army during the Korean War.