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  • August 16, 1963

    Cable from Dutch Embassy, Havana (Reinink), 16 August 1963

    Reinink writes to Amsterdam on the current situation in Havana. There is positive press about the Limited Nuclear Test Ban Treaty, it's more a case of lip service to the Soviet Union than genuine enthusiasm from the Cuban Socialist Party. The "new communists" especially have strong reservations about the treaty, and have cast aspersions on Nikita Khrushchev for reaching an agreement with Washington. More than half of the party leadership share this opinion, according to Reinink. Cuba's leadership is now more falling in line with China and Mao Zedong than with the Soviet Union.

  • June 15, 1964

    Cable from Dutch Embassy, Havana (Reinink), 15 June 1964

    First Secretary of the Dutch Embassy in Cuba, K.W. Reinink sends a cable to Amsterdam concerning a talk with Fidel Castro. Among the issues discussed are Dutch-Cuban relations, Cuban industrial development, the economic conditions of Cuba and the sugar trade.

  • May 31, 1974

    Cable from Dutch Embassy in East-Berlin to Ministry of Foreign Affairs, 'Netherlands - North Korea'

    Reinink reports on being approached by the North Korean Ambassador on how to improve relations. The latter also mentioned Austria was about to engage in official relations; Reinink gave a noncommittal response.